About us

CNexchange is an amalgamation of two major words, i.e. crypto and community that takes extreme pride in being a Crypto Centric Exchange of the community, by the community and for the community.

Who we are?

CNexchange is an exchange that brings to you an opportunity to access multiple exchanges at one time. With our most advanced trading features, we believe in complete security of your funds and provide you with billions of dollars worth liquidity.

What we do?

With CNexchange, you can access multiple exchanges at one single platform wherein, we also strive to make your trading process easier with transparency, security, liquidity, speed and performance in all the transactions. 

Why to choose us?

Automated Buy/Sell

At CNexchange, your crypto-trading process gets automated via which your funds can be optimized, maximizing your returns into the crypto bound market.

Access Multiple

With CNexchange’s one of the most unique offerings, you get the most exclusive feature wherein, you can access multiple exchanges at one single platform, hassle-free. 


CNexchange aids its users with one of the most important features, i.e. Risk Management Mechanism. The safety of your funds is our priority, therefore; we always keep your funds safe and secure and optimize your trading risk in case of sudden industry crash.

Convenient and

Owning a principle of convenience and liberty in the user’s crypto trading process, At CNexchange, you are completely stress-free and need not worry about your rewards or payout. This is because; we have automated payout for you wherein, all your rewards automatically get transferred to your account.

Our values


CNexchange considers the user’s security as its topmost priority and therefore, implements its stronger security mechanism obeying the industrial norms with a third-party security audit firm.


We at CNexchange have set ourselves apart since the day of our inception. We have made sure that we have more than enough Liquidity for you since the day one.

Distributed Revenue

Being a community centric exchange, CNexchange believes in distributing the revenue to its community via its exclusive Exchange Partner Program, impeccably.